Rockford College President

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Dr. Richard Kneedler has vowed to clean up the school's bottom line without taking anything away from the student experience.

In order to do this, the college has made several adjustments to save money. Those include not filling empty positions, ending a long-term relationship with a college in London, and tightening the school's budget. Since officially being named Interim President in April, Kneedler has stepped up marketing and recruiting efforts outside the Stateline area. These efforts have produced some immediate results, bringing students from as far away as New York. Kneedler says there are numerous changes on the horizon.

"We have adopted a very stringent budget for the next year that we think is almost sure to generate a positive margin and start us on the road to recovery. We're also talking to a lot of people about investing in Rockford College," Kneedler says.

Kneedler believes one of the college's selling points is the amount of career and internship opportunities available to students.

Rockford College says the continued support of its alumni and our community is key to a successful future. Kneedler is interim president for two years.