Big Brother's Chicken George Back in House

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Big Brother is one of the biggest reality television programs out there. This year it’s the best of the best, Big Brother All-Stars. Thursday night a Stateline celebrity was re-born on Big Brother, or maybe he was re-hatched.

He is affectionately known as Big Brother's “Chicken George” and he is from right here in Rockford, but what’s with the name?

George’s daughter Nicole explains, “Cause he took care of the chickens on the first season he raised took care of them and they called him chicken George.”

George’s family gathered around the television Thursday night to see if he would be considered a Big Brother All-Star, and have another chance at half a million dollars. One by one the contestants were picked and George just waited. Then the very last key to the house was given out. It belonged to “Chicken George”

George called home last week and said he was only allowed 3.5 minutes to talk. Even though they don’t know how long he'll be gone, the family does get to watch their dad on TV, but they say they are relatively unimpressed by his celebrity status.

It would be even more exciting to win $500,000 but the family says they don’t think about it, they just watch and wait, like the rest of America.