Bouncing Back After Baby

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It’s one of the top concerns for new moms - and perhaps even some ‘not so new’ moms: Losing the baby weight. Most moms will tell you, ‘I’m too busy taking care of the kids to spend time shedding those last few pounds.’ But an area mom has found a way to ‘bounce’ back after baby.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like much of an exercise routine, but Marina Krueger is literally ‘bouncing’ back into shape after having her second baby. The exercise ball allows her to both pacify her five month old and burn calories.

“Our baby is 15 pounds now, so holding an extra 15 lbs while you’re shifting and moving, you force your stomach to balance and force those core muscles to engage,” says Krueger.

Krueger started using a regular exercise ball with her first child. It was the only thing that got Sydney to stop crying. And sort of by accident, Krueger noticed, ‘Wow, the baby weight is really coming off.’

Then she took the product even further, creating a ball that won’t burst and is more stable than regular ones. It’s called Baby Bouncy and Registered Dietician Shirley Poole says it’s a great idea.

In a rocker we don’t really burn off calories that way. We’d have to pace the floor a lot, so mom’s probably burning off extra calories that way,” says Poole.

And Poole says since our kids tend to burn up a lot of our time, why not let them help us burn off calories as well?

“Start encouraging family activities - bike riding, going for a walk after meals, playing softball,” says Poole.

Krueger says that was her perfect recipe for weight loss: a little playtime outside - and a dash of bouncing here and there.

“Anything that you can do, that you can incorporate your baby with you and you’re not constantly thinking of just doing exercise is helpful.”

Baby Bouncy can also be used during pregnancy and during labor, as a birthing ball. You can purchase one online at or Target and Babies R Us are currently considering the product for their store shelves.