Kayaking at Rock Cut State Park

Every Wednesday evening at Rock Cut State Park, well experienced kayakers mix in with those who are still a little wet behind the ears. The goal is to test their sea legs or in this case there lake legs.

Though Paddle and Trail Unlimited and the Stateline Paddlers Club thought they would get a decent response, they didn't know just how interested stateliners would be.

Wednesdays aren't the only time like minded kayakers meet. You can go to statelinepaddlers.org, join the group and look for fellow paddlers. All you have to do is decide where and when you hit the water.

The successfulness of this website and the eagerness of the boaters is what makes some feel a whitewater park in Rockford could be a big hit, but not just for forest city paddlers. The extreme tourism draw would be another big positive the Rockford economy.