Windy City

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The Stateline area landscape has been scattered with downed trees and power lines, all results of recent thunderstorms and high winds.

City and electrical crews have been working around the clock to clear fallen debris from blocked roadways and restore power to residents. A spokesman for ComEd says more than 3,000 homes were affected from the weekend thunderstorms. With Sunday’s winds that number topped 5,000, leaving some residents to break out the flashlights.

ComEd representatives say if you notice a downed power line it's very important to remember these things:
1. Stay away from the downed wires. Don't attempt to move the downed line for any reason. Assuming the line is not charged could mean a matter of life or death.
2. Stay away from wet areas around the downed power line. The ground around the line could be charged with electricity.
3. If you happen to come across a downed line call ComEd at 1-800-EDISSON-1.

Power is expected to be back on for residents by Monday.