Will Roscoe Police Disapear?

The village of Roscoe has less than nine thousand people. Those people are currently protected by 12 full-time police officers. When those officers decided to unionize, talk of out-sourcing the police to Winnebago County started. That talk has many village residents upset, and it shows.

In addition to signs posted all over the village of Roscoe supporting local police, over 300 signatures have been collected. Concerns include the loss of a personal connection to the community, and fears of inferior police protection.

One of the village president's motivations for the possible move would be to save money. But some feel increased taxes still doesn't justify a change. Village President Ward Sterett, doesn't believe this is a one sided issue, he has received a dozen phone calls on the topic. All but two of those calls were is support of bringing in the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department.