Holiday Travel Woes

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If we are going to be heading out of town for the Fourth of July, we should expect heavy delays on the roads. Stateline highways looked more like a parking lot this afternoon, choked with travelers looking to get to their vacation destinations.

However, those who waited until this evening to leave enjoyed smooth sailing and minimal traffic going both ways on I-90. To accommodate the additional traffic at the toll plazas, the Department of Transportation has opened some lanes that have normally been closed. Even still, no matter where they are going, travelers tell me tonight it has been a rough ride.

"Here it’s just been horrible. It’s been an hour and I've probably gone about twenty miles at most, its horrible," says Adam Simpson, who is traveling from Chicago to Minnesota.

"I don't have an IPASS since I don't frequent the area, so it’s double the tolls," says Barb Youngberg, who is traveling from Minnesota to a Chicago suburb.

"I was supposed to be in Minneapolis by 11o'clock tonight and it looks like I ain't going to make it," says Lee Saunders, who is traveling from Virginia to North Dakota.

If we do hit the road, the Department of Transportation recommends leaving early and staying late so as to avoid the highways during peak travel times. We can also minimize our travel times by purchasing an I-Pass to get through tolls quicker. Those are available at all toll way oases and some area stores.