Stillman Valley Man Jailed, Accused of Sexually Assaulting Two Boys

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A 41-year-old stateline man accused of sexually assaulting two boys inside his home is now behind bars.

Ogle County Sheriff's Detectives have arrested Brent Watkins of rural Stillman Valley. Investigators say he sexually assaulted two boys inside his home between 2000 and 2001.

A nearly ten-month investigation that started last September led to the arrest. He's charged with three counts of criminal sexual assault, and two counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child.

The Ogle County State's Attorney says Watkins faces a minimum sentence of 12 years behind bars without the chance of parole if he's convicted of both counts of predatory criminal sexual assault.

Each of those counts carries a sentence of between six and 30 years in prison without the chance for probation. If Watkins is convicted on all five counts, he faces a prison sentence of up to 105 years.