Winnebago County Considers Redistricting

A resolution was discussed Wednesday to create more districts in Winnebago County with fewer board members representing each one. Supporters of the idea say fewer board members increase accountability and personal interaction, so more people might actually know who they need to go to with problems.

There are currently 14 districts in Winnebago County, but the board is considering redrawing this map to allow for four more districts. It's how those districts are drawn that has board member Pete Mackay concerned. He says he has seen first hand how the board can rearrange these districts using unethical politics, drawing the boundaries to influence the outcome of elections.

Proponents say those dirty politics are a thing of the past noting, that there are federal laws made specifically to stop such dishonest practices. They believe bringing in more districts will actually increase the percentage of minority board members. And to say otherwise is an attempt to complicate the issue.

The proposal will be in front of the full board in the next two weeks, but even if it is approved, it wouldn't take affect until 2012.

Winnebago County currently has more board members than McHenry, Lake, Kane, DuPage and Will Counties, all of which have a higher population.