Machesney Park Population Increase

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More new folks are moving into Machesney Park, and village leaders have taken notice.

"We ordered a Census because we've had such tremendous growth over the last few years that we wanted to take advantage of the extra tax dollars by having a higher population," says Machesney Park Mayor Linda Vaughn.

Since the regular 2000 Census, the village has seen nearly 10 percent more people living there. That figure is 1,945. This is a healthy growth rate of eight percent. The village receives about $105 per resident per year from the state. Because of this, the village will be seeing an added $2,000 per year.

"We were caught a little bit off guard by how fast it happened, but we've adjusted and worked well with developers," Vaughn states.

That money will be used in a way which helps everyone.

"We always need more money for roads and street construction so that's probably going to be our number one priority," she says.

Vaughn adds the town has a lot to offer prospective residents.

"I think that people enjoy no property tax. Machesney Park is growing, but we still maintain the small town feel," she says.

The village will not start seeing any of this extra money until the end of this year.

Machesney Park's growth spurt is expected to continue at its current pace for the next five to 10 years. There are seven different subdivisions currently under construction. The village estimates that there will be an extra 4,000 to 5,000 residents by the time the next Census rolls around in 2010.