New Rockton Subdivision

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Hundreds of new people will soon be moving in to Rockton. Developers have begun construction on the new Stone Ridge Estates subdivision off of Old Wagon Wheel Road. This farmland will accommodate more than 100 single family homes and 50 condominiums. The builder, Oakfield Development, completed another major subdivision nearby in South Beloit.

"Each house will be unique; no two houses will be the same," says Dan Baumann of Oakfield Development.

The individuality of these homes won't come cheap. Prices are expected to start at about $300,000.

"They don't want to drive down the street and see a whole row of housing that looks similar to theirs. They want their own unique home," Baumann says.

The new homes are being built directly across the street from The Summit subdivision. While this project has not received the negative reaction from those against major growth in Rockton as has some other planned developments, some nearby residents give it their support, but not without some questions.

"We have to be sure that there is support for a subdivision that includes all the water and sewer and building of the schools," says Summit resident Alice Rice.

"I think it’s a good idea. It’s not a very well developed area and it will bring more attractive homes to the area, make the street more attractive to people," adds Summit resident Steve LaForge.

Rockton Mayor Dale Adams says while the subdivision is a welcome addition to town, some major issues had to be overcome.

"The obstacles were a lot of rock on the site to get new water and sewer to the site. We had some engineering problems, but now it'll be municipal water, municipal sewer with a nice rolling terrain for the residential development," Adams says.

The first of the homes is expected to be completed this winter.