Ethanol Plant Lawsuit

When the county board voted in favor of rezoning land to pave the way for an ethanol plant, many thought the issue was over, and the plant was inevitable. But those living closest to the proposed site have just begun.

Eight individuals and families afraid of what an ethanol plant will do to their property values, their health, and the environment have hired a lawyer. But that lawyer says this case is legitimate and it is about much more than people standing up and complaining. He also says he doesn’t take “NIMBY” or “not in my back yard” cases.

Mark Daniel is representing the eight plaintiffs. He says proper procedure wasn't followed leading up to the county board’s vote. He claims unanswered questions and the lack of sworn testimony are enough to win the case. Those who attended an informational meeting about the suit say the ethanol issue is a major one for local homeowners, but it also points to broader problems with our county government.

The suit will first be in front of a judge on June 29. This is a totally separate lawsuit from the one submitted by “Informed Citizens Engaged.”