Proposed Hog Farm

Almost 5,000 swine could soon be making rural Ogle County their place of residence. That proposal has neighbors putting up a stink.

Living in a rural community, neighbors accept the smell of local farms, but the real concern is that animal waste will travel from the proposed livestock confinement facility into their property.

Several neighbors came together and collected over 100 signatures, petitioning the Ogle County Board to hold informational meetings on the proposed site. The board chair, Betty Gocken, told 23 News the petition was invalid because of incorrect information on it.

The petition was amended, but Gocken still wouldn't accept it. The man proposing the facility, Kim Huntley, wasn't home when 23 News stopped by to get an interview and he didn't return our phone calls.

Time restraints have passed, so the issue will not be debated by the county board, but neighbors are debating what to do next. Some are considering moving out if the facility is built.

It is important to note that even if the Ogle County Board did take a vote, it would only be and advisory one. The final decision is up to the Illinois Department of Agriculture.