Minority Procurement Policy on Hold

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Monday night many walked out of the meeting saying, “No movement is good movement.”

The Minority Procurement Policy was supposed to be voted on by the entire council but that never happened. With a quick motion and a couple of "I’s” the Minority Procurement Policy is again on hold.

Those who helped create the policy say it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as it done right. At the moment many think it's all wrong. Two weeks ago a city committee voted to take out some set percentages. But those who drafted the policy say the city should have goals like at least 25 percent of business purchases come from minority-owned companies.

Monday night Alderman Ann Thompson, a major advocate of the policy, wanted the council to lay over the issue. The council agreed and Thompson is going to provide copies of the most recent changes to those initially behind the plan.

Ann Thompson says, "These individuals were here tonight and have been working very hard on this policy. It's really sad that they weren't given the same consideration as they have the council."

Andy Campos who helped with the policy states, “You can't have a policy with zero percent. The law says that in order to have percentages you have to have a plan. In order to have a plan you have to have percentages so that's what we're fighting for and that's what we're entitled to."

The proposal on the floor right now would add in percentages after a year.