Experimental Aircraft Pilot

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Scott Taylor's pride and joy rests in a hangar at the Poplar Grove Airport.

"You've got no idea what it feels like the first time you fire one of these things up, see it fly away," Taylor said.

The Belvidere resident flies an experimental aircraft, a Lance Air ES. That's not the same model involved in Sunday's crash. Taylor built the plane with his own two hands and has never had second thoughts about taking off.

"In the experimental world of air crafts, as a rule, they are very, very safe," Taylor said.

He says he has heard nothing but positive things about the RV model made by Van's Aircraft.

"A very nice airplane, a friend of mine here on the airfield has one and i think the performance record on them is perfect," Taylor says.

And while some may think flying is dangerous, Taylor says he built the plane with his wife and two young daughters in mind.

"I feel this thing is as safe as driving, and if I did not or do not think that they'll never get inside this airplane," he states.

Taylor's plane took over four years and 4,000 hours of labor to complete. He says one of the advantages to building your own plane is you get to know the aircraft inside and out.