Help Wanted

help wanted
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Some outside industries say there's lots of talent in Rockford and they're moving into town to check it out. Their visit could offer gainful employment to some laid-off machine workers.

Michigan's K and M Machine-Fabricating Company has set up a recruiting shop in Rockford. Ingersoll put a halt to its U.S. operations last April leaving many of Rockford employees jobless in the process.

But it seems the workers skills are still in high demand. Wayne Petzke is the human resources manager at K&M and says the company has a good reason for recruiting people from Rockford. Petzke says, “You do have skilled and talented people that we are looking for.”

The only downfall is that this particular company is based in Michigan so applicants may have to relocate. K and M Machine Fabricating Company will be in town Monday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Holiday Inn on East State Street. Call 398-2200 for more information.