Jail Plans

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It took a lot of debate to make it happen, but the Winnebago County board heard presentations from the four construction manager finalists for the new county jail.

After a total of about three hours the full county board has now heard from all construction manager finalists, and some say their first pick would not be favorite Stenstrom Gilbane.

All four finalists, Freedh-Alberici; Stenstrom-Gilbane; Scandroli-Ringland Bovis; and Shjostrom Boldt, while different in details, pledge the same goals: a safe, diverse, financially responsible project.

But several community members say they're glad the full board heard from all finalists
Despite the signs of opposition, Stenstrom Gilbane comes in the favorite, already chosen by the jail committee for the job.

But of the five board members that sit on that committee, three Scandroli-Ringland Bovis board member Rick Polluck is one of them.

Board members will now have until May 8 to vote on their final selection for construction manager.