Joining the War

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In March, hundreds of friends and family gathered in Freeport to give members of the 333rd Military Police a proper send off. For the past two months they've been training at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, waiting for confirmation on their departure overseas.

Last week, 23 News told you the 333rd M.P.'s received their orders and will be heading to the Persian Gulf. Early Monday morning, the unit boarded a plane at the Douglas Air Force base. The unit will make stops in New York and Italy before landing in Kuwait.

23 News visited the 333rd Military Police at Fort McCoy earlier this month when they said they were ready to go. At that time, the troops gear was shipped overseas a sign that their time in the U.S. was limited. Now they are on their way to Kuwait.

Families do have an address so they are able to send letters and packages. It's expected that the M.P.'s could be in Kuwait anywhere from three months to a year.