New Budget, No New Taxes

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Gov. Rod Blagojevich took to the air on a whirlwind five-city tour to urge legislature to pass his fiscal year 2004 budget plan for Illinois. Blagojevich says his plan won't burden taxpayers with new taxes.

The Greater Rockford Airport was the third stop of the Governors tour. He's pushing a budget plan that's specifically aimed at relieving the states $5-billion budget deficit. Included in his statewide $52 billion budget plan is that Medicaid spending would increase by $689 million.

Also included, the expansion of eligibility to 85,000 kids and parents. Gov. Blagojevich also says that prescription drugs would be more affordable. In Rockford $8 million is allocated to go to the Rockford School District to provide additional funding.

Part of the Governors plan for funding the budget includes cutting over $1 billion in waste and inefficiencies in state government. He says citizens will see no tax increase.

A recent survey suggests 84 percent of those polled strongly support the governor’s budget.