Increasing Alert System

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This abduction alert system started in Illinois in January of 2002. Amber Alerts are issued when a child under the age of 16 or a person with a mental or physical disability is reported missing. In Illinois it's only been used four times, Gov. Rod Blagojevich announced how to speed the system up.

Currently when an Amber Alert is issued law enforcement gets a report and photo out to state police and more than 180 broadcast agencies.

Under Gov. Blagojevich's new system local police will issue the Amber Alert if needed. Then state police will type the information and picture into a computer system. From there an electronic voice message will go out to 11,000 cable, radio and television stations to air.

The National Weather Service is the new addition to the system. Gov. Blagojevich says the National Weather Service is a great resource in spreading the word fast.

The Illinois Department of Transportation will continue to post billboards if need be. Gov. Blagojevich says under his new plan no form of information will go unused.