New Bike Path Planned

After years of planning, a link between bike paths in northern Winnebago County is just months away from construction. The new bike path will connect the Hononegah trail in Roscoe and Rockton up to the South Beloit bike path.

"With this missing link being added in, this connects it all," said Matt Cuyler, Rockton Township Highway Commissioner.

The new trail is called the Dorr Road bike path. It starts in the Kelly Meyers Park and runs up to Sunrise Road with a link to the Goldie Floberg Children's Center. From there bikers will ride up to the Boys and Girls Club in South Beloit.

"When we hook up with South Beloit and hopefully to Wisconsin, this bike path can go all the way up, they're hoping to the Elroy bike path and the stone rail. It could go quite a ways," said Cuyler.

The bike trail will provide a safe path to outdoor fun.

"It's a good way to them off the road. It's a safe way for training. I know people are looking forward to going to work using the bike path," said Cuyler.

Winnebago County and the village of Rockton have matched state grants for the bike path. Construction is expected to start alongside the widening of Dorr Road this fall.