Aging Power Plants

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Some critics are questioning whether it's safe to boost energy output at aging nuclear plants. Four years ago, vibration in the steam system at Exelon's Quad Cities Plant in Cordova caused large cracks. The Chicago Tribune reports that some experts see the Quad Cities experience as a warning of what could happen at other aging plants as the nuclear industry gets approval to run plants harder, longer and hotter. Other experts, however, say they aren't worried. They say the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is doing a good job.

In response to leaks of water contaminated by radioactive Tritim the Byron Nuclear plant has a new law to follow. Now plants are required to report releases of radioactive contaminants in the soil, surface water or ground water. This comes after Exelon Nuclear failed to report the release of tritium in a timely manner. The state says people have the right to know about potentially harmful substances in the community. This law is effective immediately.