Rockford Murder Trial

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The family of Ileane Girley has not seen justice since she was run over and killed 12 years ago. Now her former husband is on trial in Rockford.

Friday was the second day of witness testimony.

Sixty-seven-year-old Edward Lee Henry, better known as Mustafa Ibrahim, is on trial for two counts of first degree murder. His wife, Ileane Girley, was killed on Green Street in Rockford in 1994. Ibrahim was out on parole at the time for murdering an ex-wife in Texas.

"Over the years I heard stuff about him. My aunt told me he's not a good guy. I had doubts. He had just got out of prison. My mom shouldn't have married him. Next year she got killed," said Charles Joanes, one of Girley's seven children.

"She really missed out on her beautiful grandkids. I have my own child. She's not really missing it because I know she's watching real close."

Joanes did not live with his mother when she was killed on Green Street. He remembers she had a history of relationships with abusive men.

"There was always pain, but she always kept it bottled inside and she tried to take care of us the best way she could."

None of the witnesses talked about Ibrahim and Girley's relationship Friday morning.

A Rockford police officer, Dave Paterson, took the witness stand on Friday. On the night of the murder he was responding to a call in the next block over when he heard a thud and screaming. Paterson came over to Green Street where he found Girley lying next to the curb.

Paterson testified that he saw a red Ford Escort driving away from the scene. The prosecution questioned Paterson's ability to see in the dark. He admitted he was too far away from the car to identify any people.