Rescue Mission

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Plans for a controversial expansion to the Rockford Rescue Mission were also approved by the Winnebago County Board Thursday night.

A special use permit and zoning amendment got the nod needed to convert a house to a place for women of faith to meet. Originally, the plan raised eyebrows because of miscommunication.

Some thought the home was to be a shelter for battered women, so included in the agreement is an amendment to set daytime only hours for the building and affirming it is not a shelter for battered women. Residents of the neighborhood say they will adjust to their new neighbors.

"We'll do the best we can. We'll still have the neighborhood meetings. We'll still do what we can to get together and, you know, we just want a safe neighborhood, so we'll do what we can to be good neighbors," says resident Keith Nelson.

The building is located in rural Winnebago County. The Rescue Mission says their goal is to provide a place where women don't have to be judged.