Rockton Subdivision

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Neighbors of the proposed site want the land to remain agricultural.

"This is a rural area, not Rockford. We don't want to be like Rockford. We moved here because we didn't want to look like Rockford," said Richard Ott.

"We're not opposed to residential development. It's great, this is a wonderful place to live, but there's a place for these subdivisions and those places are much closer to urban centers," said Richard Ott.

The Rockton township board agrees. Members voted unanimously voted to deny approval of the subdivision. The township supervisor says the developer, Dyn-Cannel LLC, didn't provide enough information about the plans for the development.

"We don't know what the overall affect of that would be. We need more planning on this. This should be sent back to the economic and development planning of the county to really look over and make sure they look over all the requirements," said Kathy Gummow, the Rockton township supervisor.

After listening to several hours of testimony, the Winnebago County Zoning Board of Appeals voted to deny a special use permit for development of this site, but Thursday night the zoning committee will recommend to the full county board to approve the zoning.

"I am mystified at how you could arrive at such a different conclusion in light of the testimony that was given," said Linnabary.

“The county board does not hear it, the zoning committee does not hear it. They are not our elected officials. They are officials for the developers, and that's it," said Ott.

Nearby residents say the subdivision would put a strain on the school district and local infrastructure.