Local Reaction to al-Zarqawi's Death

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Shelly and Jim Hollis' 19-year-old son, Marine Corporal Patrick Lindsay, will head back to Iraq later this summer for his second deployment. Jim says Thursday’s air strike will cause a major disruption to the terrorist network.

Hollis says because al Zarqawi was the principal player in Iraq's Al-Qaida network, his death makes life safer for the Iraqi people and the Armed Forces.

Hollis says the terrorists have been dealt a devastating blow now that the man who has caused so much chaos has been killed. Hollis says al Zarqawi's death adds benefit and strength to what the troops are trying to do, and he's hoping that achievements such as this will make the conflict end sooner.

"The more that they're disorganized over there, gives our troops better advancement and possibility to complete the mission that they've been sent over there to do," says Hollis.

Corporal Lindsay returned home in March following a six-month tour in Iraq. He'll head back to Iraq in August for an estimated eight-month tour.