Sunset Motel

A motel security guard is dragged, beaten and dumped in the middle of the street.

You might remember back in April the city of Rockford shut down the Sunset Motel because police say it was swarming with drug and prostitutes. In order to reopen, motel management had to hire security. They originally hired the Merchants police, but motel management complained to the city that they couldn't afford their services, so they hired their maintenance man, Robert Ross, who had a security background to do the work.

His first night was Wednesday night. That leads us to Thursday morning's beating. Here's what the city attorney says happened.

A car pulled into the motel's parking lot. Ross approached the man and asked if he could help him. The driver said he was looking for his daughter and asked Ross to come closer. As Ross leaned over into the car the driver grabbed him and sped off, dragging Ross. Finally the man stopped, got out and pistol whipped him, then took off.

Ross suffered non-life threatening injuries, but Larry Hodges from the Merchant police says Ross is lucky to be alive because you never know what can happen out there.