Health Care Funds

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The State of Illinois is wrestling with a $5-billion budget deficit causing one Stephenson County health care provider concern about their financial stability.

Sherry Gravenstein is an administrator at the Stephenson nursing home in Freeport. Her nursing home has seen in increase in new residents due to other homes going out of business.

“About 21 nursing homes went bankrupt last year. It's a symptom of economics of the state. It's trickling down to us and it's very hard,” Sherry said.

Evelyn Baysinger's brother-in-law Vernon is one of those new residents. He lived in the Villas of Shannon nursing home in Shannon just outside of Freeport. Up until last Monday, that home closed it's doors due to financial troubles.

Shannon representatives told Evelyn she had little time to make the move in fact only about four hours.

“I know the state doesn’t have the money, but you just don't pull someone out in four hours,” Evelyn said.

The state is in the process of obtaining a $2-billion loan in order to pay health institutions. But some healthcare workers say that relief may come too little, too late.