School Board Meeting

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The newly elected Rockford School Board meets for the first time on Tuesday, and members are wasting no time stirring up some controversy as they consider rehiring fired superintendent Alan Brown.

In its final act, the outgoing board got rid of Brown and set up an interim administration. Now new board members will vote to reverse those decisions and consider bringing brown back to district 205. Some say this will divide yet another school board just weeks into its term.

Rockford school boards are known for controversy, division, and politicking. And some say this newly elected board is wasting no time rocking the boat.

"I had heard board members speaking as though they thought it would be divisive and counterproductive to bring this up again. I thought there was a chance maybe it wouldn't be brought up," said David Kelley, Rockford School Board.

On Tuesday the board could decide to bring Alan Brown back to lead the district. Brown was fired on a four to three vote, but with the April 1 election the majority swung in Brown's favor.

"If I was in his position, I wouldn't want the job again. You're not going to have a good working relationship with the divided board. It'd be better if the board hired someone together and someone we could have a 7-0 agreement on," Kelley said.

Veteran board members like Jay Nellis say new board members should respect decisions of previous boards and focus on moving together.

"I think it's presumptuous, if not arrogant, of new board member who have no experience with the former superintendent," Nellis said.

So it appears the Alan Brown chapter is not closed.

One thing board members agree on, is they need to decide this issue quickly because they need a new leader in place as soon as possible.

New Board President Nancy Kalchbrenner called district officials this week to add the items to Tuesday's school board meeting agenda. Kalchbrenner was unavailable for comment.

Brown was let go back in March, but the district is paying his contract through June 30.