Ingersoll Impact

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The initial shock of one of Rockford's long-standing employer is beginning to wear off for some. Now many are beginning to see the impact of Ingersoll's closing. Ingersoll employees say they' re waiting to receive their termination packet with what options the workers have to help them find another job. But the industrial job market is scarce not to mention Ingersoll helped supply business for many other local companies.

In the midst of learning about the latest and greatest in the industrial market at the MetroCentre talk of Ingersoll's closing is what seems to be spreading faster. Among the vendors are several that will loose revenue from the business Ingersoll gave them.

“Ingersoll’s closing will have an impact on the company as well as other vendors,” said Bill Cook of A-1 Air Compressor.

The vendors say they've been trying to network among themselves to see what other job opportunities they can provide. The Workplace is an employment service that heavily deals with the industrial job market. Lorayne Logan says even in this poor economic time there are jobs available.

"We still have work and we still have a hard time filling it, so even when unemployment is high it may be people who aren't as employable," Logan said.

Even The Workplace says that they are going to have to reconfigure their business and look at what other product lines they will have to get involved in. They say some of their clients like Amerock continue downsizing, there's not as much of a need for their services to fill their vacant positions.