Postal Processing Leaving Rockford?

Today if you send a letter within the city of Rockford it only takes a day or two to get to a local address. But the U.S. Post Office is considering changing that, requiring your letter to travel at least 150 miles, even if its destination is right next door.

Instead of going just down the block to be processed in Rockford, letters sent in the Stateline could be required to head all the way to Palatine. Many people at Monday night’s meeting say common sense tells you the move just wouldn’t make sense, but U.S. postal officials say it is not that simple.

William Galligen, Vice President of Operation, said, “Due to the Internet, electronic bill payment, were losing about four percent of our first class single piece mail a year. In the network of over 400 facilities that handle outgoing mail, we have idol capacity on our machinery.

Galligen says that idol capacity could be utilized if Rockford’s mail processing was shipped to Palatine. Many at Monday night’s meeting say it will make deliveries longer both in distance traveled and in the amount of time it takes, thereby increasing the chance for errors and taking valuable time and money for local businesses.

Machesney Park Mayor Lynda Vaughn lost a piece of official mail in the Palatine postal system regarding this very subject.

Postal officials have stressed it is important to understand that no decision has been made on the subject. That decision has tentatively been put on hold.

The Post Office says no employees would be laid off if the move took place. Fifty to 70 of the Rockford employees would have to make the 70-mile commute.