Dog Laws

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Over the weekend, there were two separate incidents in which a dog attacked and harmed the victim. This has Rockford City Alderman biting at the bit to get the laws changed.

Two people remain hospitalized, a 70-year-old man who was attacked by a Rottweiler. The other is a 19-year-old who was attacked by a pit bull. These are two separate incidents that city council says are getting out of hand.

It's something that seventh ward alderman Dick Goral knows first hand. Over the weekend in his ward 19-year-old Marco Washington ran into the intersection of Sherman and Central Avenue. Washington ran into a van while trying to escape a pit bull, as of Monday he was still in a coma.

Animal control says the problem may not be in the dog's breed but with the dog's owner. Rockford is not the only council addressing viscous dogs. South Beloit looked into forcing homeowners with viscous dogs to get liability insurance or otherwise ban pit bulls altogether.

Both city and county will meet with legal officials to discuss what ordinances can be adopted. Some of the suggestions by city council leaders are micro chipping and increasing un-leashed dog fines.