Juvenile Triceratops Discovery

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Last week a group of Burpee representatives, paleontologists and curious community members set off on what's become the annual highway to hell creek expedition. The goal was to dig at several potential sites, including one that was believed to contain the remains of a triceratops dinosaur.

"At first it seemed like there wasn't much more new bones there, but as time went on new material started popping up left and right," says Burpee collections manager Scott Williams.

Williams says it appears they've found a juvenile, or half grown, triceratops.

"Young triceratops are not as common as the adults; they're actually kind of a rare find, and it looks like we've got a good portion of the skull, a lot of the skeletal material, limb material, ribs, that kind of stuff," says Williams.

If a third to a half of a skeleton is found they'll have enough bones to mount into a display. The irony of the find is another juvenile dinosaur.

"Lew Crampton says we're going to try and bring back a playmate for Jane, and it seems only appropriate that if we bring back a playmate it's going to be another kid dinosaur," says Williams.

Williams says there was some disappointment at the beginning, but once the more bones came into view that disappointment was quickly replaced with joy and excitement about the specimen they could have in their hands.

The Burpee Museum will be running two more trips to the Montana Badlands this summer. Next Friday, the documentary titled "Jane the Mystery Dinosaur" will premiere at the Coronado Theatre. The piece will run this summer on the Discovery Channel.

For more information about the premiere, call the Burpee Museum.