Drag Racing

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Rockford police have cracked down on drag racers with two arrests within the past week. Police ticketed Joseph Goeth, 22 and Dustin Turner, 21 for allegedly drag racing on East State Street on Thursday night.

This comes weeks after a Rockford man was killed drag racing on the same stretch of roadway.

Police are on the look out for drag racers as the temperatures get warmer, there's more daylight and teens have more time on their hands.

The popularity of drag racing is reaching new levels, Web sites highlight the crime and police are making more arrests on busier Rockford streets like East State Street, which was recently the site of a deadly drag race.

Police say drag racers target East State Street for a reason.

"East State is flat. It's a long stretch of roadway. The part that makes it dangerous or more dangerous than other streets, is that it's got a long line of traffic control devices in a line and a lot of people are turning on and off," said Deputy Chief Greg Lindmark, Rockford Police Dept.