Riverhawk Stadium Plans

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The Riverhawks stadium is up and running, but it's not complete. The owner of the ball park, Kurt Carlson, says he's looking at several opportunities to expand the ball park.

"We're adding six more suites, a different press box in the future, something more year round," said Kurt Carlson.

When the Riverhawks aren't playing in the ballpark, Carlson wants to use the stadium for concerts and movies.

"Really the ballpark is just one big activity center and it gives a place for families and kids to go out at night."

Soon there will be a small amusement park next to the stadium. It will be called Kiddie Land and will feature a train just for kids.

"It's mainly for kids ages two years up to 12 years, and families and older kids too on rides like the train, but mainly for little kids."

Carlson is also working on a project for teenagers.

"We're going to build a race car museum out in left field beyond suites."

Within three years Carlson expects to build a hotel overlooking Riverhawks' stadium. The new YMCA will open next door and Carlson is working with a developer that is building residences just north of the ball park.