Insight Ready to Reimburse

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If you're one of the many Insight Internet customers who had problems with service this month, getting reimbursed will require a phone call.

Insight Communications explained to Rockford aldermen how customers could get a refund. During a city committee meeting Insight says it can't identify how long each household was offline. Insight is asking for those affected to call customer service to work out a credit.

Brian Gregory, Regional Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs says, “There's no blanket answer, everyone was down for a week or for two hours. Everyone went through the transition. A small amount of customers experienced problems and some may have had problems and not of realized it. So that's why to be fair to call the customers we really want to treat it on an individual case by case basis."

If you are still having problems or want to discuss a credit, call 987-4510. Rockford aldermen add if you are having a problem getting a refund then call them.