Home Invasion

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At about 5 a.m. Sunday morning the suspect, Dellace Holten, Jr., kicked in the door of a house on 1433 Charles Street. Nineteen-year-old Peter Nonthaveth was stabbed in the arm.

Nonthtaveth said he has no idea who the suspect is but won't forget this incident. His blood stained carpet shows just how brutal this early morning home invasion became for no reason.

Nonthaveth said, “He just said you're the guy who drives that black car and I showed him a picture of my blue car and he started swinging his knife around. I called for my dad.”

This was just the first incident of many. Holten went on to steal a van on 10th Avenue. He broke a window of a residence on 21st Street. He stole another car and then led police on a chase.

His joy ride ended near the intersection of Sandy Hollow and 11th Street. Delace Holten has been charged with three different counts including home invasion and aggravated assault.