Breast Yard Sale

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The sale is breaking down barriers and opening up discussion on an often touchy topic, cancer.

Any color, any size, used or new, padding or no padding, you're sure to find the perfect fit. Maggie Coyne was busy looking at the selection and says, "I think it's great. It's nice to find bras at a really good price too. It's a great cause."

365 days a year, Karen Virnoche Brown gets boxes and boxes of bras in the mail. Strangers send the support her way and this year there are 15,000 undergarments in the Breast Yard sale.

She says, “We probably have 2,000 new pieces of lingerie this year. Some people bought new pieces and donated them."

The proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. It’s an organization that lifted Karen's spirit over the past year as she battled with anal canal cancer.

Karen tells 23 News, "They supported us in many ways while I was sick and we couldn't do it without an organization like that."

Karen couldn't give back if strangers didn't give. Maidenform donated 500 new bras and panties and a group of Madison girls also provided reinforcement. Karen will know this summer if all the chemo worked. She has this advice for those in her same shoes or in this case bra.

Karen states, "You gotta keep a positive attitude and keep positive people around. You gotta believe in your doctors and believe that it's not your time yet and you wanna live."

The Breast Yard sale is going to run for about two weeks. The sale will wrap up on June 8. The address is 1194 Mud Creek Road in Oregon. There is also a garage sale attached to this event, so both sexes are welcome.