Board Member Tires of Controversy

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The Boone County Board has been in the middle of controversy since that vote on Tuesday evening.

Opponents have cited several reasons why the vote shouldn't stand. They range from not all board members being present at the meeting to two new board members voting despite missing out on hours of testimony.

One group of citizens organized and is now demanding the board conduct a revote, but board member Terri Glass said a lot of the controversy is simply hot air.

"My personal belief is that there's a certain side to this issue that didn't get the vote that they wanted and they're throwing a temper tantrum and will stop at nothing to reverse any decision that is made by the board," Glass said.

Glass said the two new board members were given a packet of information and had enough time to read and review it prior to that meeting. She also said that contrary to what some are saying, board members were given plenty of notice about the time, location and topic of the meeting.