Group Demands Revote

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The controversy surrounding the vote on a proposed wind farm in rural Boone County has inspired a group of residents to take action.

The Boone County Alliance Against Intrusive Energy wants the board to re-vote on approving a special use permit for the farm. They are most concerned with a lack of communication about the importance of the meeting and the inclusion of two new board members in the voting process.

The group's spokesman says the County Board needs to make an extra effort when it comes to dealing with such a controversial issue.

"We really have to go the extra distance to notify all the members and to vote on an issue like that and so the group was disappointed that an issue of such an important nature was voted on without a full county board," said BCAAIE Spokesman Aaron Funfsinn

And while the group may see a need for a re-vote, it does not look like they will be getting their wish.

County board member Michelle Courier says there are no immediate plans for a revote. She said that nothing about that vote is official until it goes before a judge.

The next Boone County Board meeting will be on June 14.