Front and Center

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Pauline Price reads one of the last letter's she got from her son-in-law Ben Thompson. But this week she got a surprise that was even better than a letter she opened up the pages of Newsweek magazine and saw Ben in action. Pauline found out from her daughter Jami that he'd be in the magazine but they never expected his image to be so clear.

Ben graduated from East High School in Rockford and became a marine after graduation. He served out his term and re-enlisted after Sept. 11. The Prices say this is a tough time for them and for Ben's parents. Pauline says seeing his picture in Newsweek comforted her, but they still worry about his safety.

Ben's family describes him as being exactly the type of person you'd want to be protected by during a time like this. Ben's wife Jami has been able to get updates on him weekly. She then relays messages to both sets of parents.