Citizens Help With Foot Chase

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It was an interesting morning at Grant Park Tavern on Kiswaukee. A woman who works at the bar noticed three men hanging around in the parking lot. One of the men came in, walked to the bathroom, and then went back outside.

"He stayed in the area and was riding around on his bike for probably 45 minutes and he just sort of seemed like he was casing the place, so I called 911 and when the police arrived they talked to him briefly and he took off running," says the bartender.

"The police officer gave chase. Some people who were outside observed the police officer chasing this individual and yelling for this individual to stop, got involved in the foot chase, and helped this officer subdue the individual until other officers arrived," says Rockford Police Deputy Chief Greg Lindmark.

Forty-year-old Ray Scott was arrested and charged on several counts including obstructing and resisting. Business owners say there's been an increase in suspicious activity on the street lately from apparent drug dealing to gang graffiti. The business next door to the tavern just installed three surveillance cameras with hopes that it will keep the activity of the property.

"Lately we've had some riff raff hanging around and there's been a lot of gang symbols painted on local buildings, and it's become quite a nuisance lately," says the bartender.

Deputy Chief Greg Lindmark says this is an example of concerned citizens and law enforcement working together although he says the six men who helped with the chase went above and beyond.

"With the assistance from these people getting involved, we were able to successfully take this individual into custody with no harm done to the officer, the people involved or the suspect," says Lindmark.

Scott is locked up in the Winnebago County Jail. Scott was wanted on two warrants. Upon Thursday’s arrest, he was also charged with criminal trespass and possession of drug paraphernalia.