Winnebago County Pay Raises

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The Winnebago County Board meets Thursday night to decide whether to raise their own salaries as well as the pay for some other elected officials.

State statute requires the salaries of elected officials be set before elections, so the county board's decision tonight will determine the salaries of elected officials for the next four years. The salaries of half of the Winnebago County Board, the county sheriff and the county treasurer and clerk will be set.

Current Winnebago County board members make a base pay of $5,000 plus $100 for each meeting they attend. That adds up to $7,500 a year. Under the proposal, new and re-elected board members would get health insurance and make $10,000 per year starting in 2008. The proposal also increases the Winnebago County Sheriff's salary from $97,000 to $115,000.

Both the Winnebago County Clerk, David Johnson and the County Treasurer, Susan Goral currently make $72,000. The new officials would make $76,000.