Rockford Man Shot and Killed: Year's Murder Count in Double Digits

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A 35-year-old Rockford man is the 10th murder victim in the city this year. Tyrone Dowthard was killed on Rockford's west side late Tuesday night.

It happened at 2319 West Jefferson Street. Police say Dowthard was outside when a man came up to him. Police say that man may have tried to rob Dowthard and shot him in the chest. The suspect fled from the scene on foot, and now police are searching for any clues that could lead to an arrest.

"I don't think we can do any more than what we are doing right now. We're out there working hard. We can't put a finger on any type of crime. It goes in cycles it goes in spurts," said Deputy Chief Theo Glover.

Of the 10 murders in Rockford so far this year, this is the third in which police have not arrested a suspect.

The victim in this latest crime had just finished his work day and was stopping by his sister's house when he was shot. Friends say Dowthard was supporting a wife and four children. He lived just a few doors down on West Jefferson Street.

Residents in the neighborhood have been working with police to stop crime as part of the "weed and seed" program since October, but now they say this murder makes them feel like their efforts have gone to waste.

"We have too many little kids around here to not control what's happening around us. We're talking about little children here," said Glendell Parham, a neighbor.

If you have any information on Rockford's 10th murder of the year, please call Rockford Area Crimestoppers at 963-7867.