Boone County Wind Farm Confusion

When you add up all the testimony just on this issue, heard by the Boone County board last year, it equals close to a full day.

As far as the eye can see the horizon is lined with trees, open fields, and a few farms on Ramsay and Quail Trap roads. That’s the way many neighbors thought it would stay after the county voted down the Boone Heritage Wind Farm proposal last year. But things have changed.

A second vote was taken at a special meeting Tuesday night. The vote now is 5 to 4 in favor of the wind farm. This vote came after the circuit court judge ruled the permit request needed to be heard again. The man spearheading the project is pleased with the result, but still upset about what he feels is unfair and unlawful treatment

Wallace Ramsay says his company is suing the Boone County Board and possibly the
Village of Poplar Grove and one of his neighbors.

Some board members didn’t even know there was a meeting. Others say they knew about the meeting but were not prepared to vote on the wind farm.