Lutheran High Students Rally for Troops

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Hundreds of students at Rockford's Lutheran School staged a walk out Friday, to show support for U.S. troops fighting in Iraq.

More than 600 students poured from the doors of the Lutheran School. These students walked out of classes for a ceremony to express their support for U.S. troops battling in Iraq.

"We thought it would be a good way for us to say 'we support what you're doing in Iraq.' This is not necessarily pro-war or anti-war but just a pro-troops. To let them know we appreciate the work you're doing," said Brock Morlan, Lutheran High junior.

Brock Morlan organized the ceremony where students prayed for our troops and showed that Rockford kids do care.

"I've been watching a lot about the war and I'm proud of what they're doing and wanted to show my support for them," Becky Lindstrom, Lutheran High sophomore.

After the ceremony, the students braved the cold to tie yellow ribbons along Alpine Road, a symbol calling for the safe return of American's soldiers

"I think this says we stand behind our troops and stand behind America," Morlan said.

"Our students understand the gravity of the situation and have an inkling of the sacrifices those young men and women are making for us," said Pat Davis, Luther High Principal.