Veteran Data Stolen

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Besides losing the names, Social Security numbers and birth dates of veterans, officials now admit that data from some veterans' family members was also lost. The records include personal information of veterans who served and have been discharged since 1975.

The Department of Veterans Affairs asked those veterans to provide the Social Security numbers of their spouses and children. The information was stored on a computer of a veteran affairs employee. A thief stole the computer from the employee's home. It's unknown how many veterans and families will be impacted here in the stateline. Veterans groups here are calling on the government to take responsibility for any problems caused by the mishap.

“If the VA is the individual or group that has caused this problem, then they should be the ones to rectify it. Maybe an inspector general, they may already be working on a solution to solve the problem," said Peter Keith, Superintendent of the Winnebago County Veteran's Assistance Program.

Officials from the Department of Veteran's Affairs report they have no indication the information has been misused. Any veterans that are concerned about their personal information can call 800-333-4636.

Representatives at the call center will give information about this situation and learn more about consumer identity protections.