Police Standoff With a Twist

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Rockford Police say they believe the incident that caused a police standoff earlier Thursday evening was the result of a prank call.

Rockford police arrived at the scene, on the 3000 block of 8th Street, around 3 p.m., after an anonymous caller reported shots being fired.

One witness described the scene.

"We noticed a couple officers with shotguns walking down the street," said Larry Layrs, whose business sits on the corner of 8th Street.

Two teenage male suspects were arrested, seen fleeing from the scene. Police believed a third teen was armed and holed up inside a barn. SWAT teams arrived and began negotiations.

"We're attempting to talk to (a) person in the building, but he's not responding," said Dep. Chief Jeff Morris.

But when officers finally stormed in the barn - they found nothing.

Police said they had no information to confirm that shots were fired, or that a crime was actually committed. But given the situation, they would rather be safe than sorry.

"We decided to err on the side of safety and pull units back and secure the area," said Dep. Chief Steve Jones.

The two men that were taken into police custody were questioned and released, they weren't carrying any weapons. They were not charged with a crime.

Police said they believe the incident was the result of false information given by an anonymous caller.