Oil Prices Impact Farmers

What do crops, tractors, and fertilizer all have in common? You probably said they can all be found on a farm, but there is more. They all have a close relationship with petroleum.

Increased oil prices haven't just hit farmers’ pocket books when it comes to the cost of fuel. They also pay for many other petroleum based products and services that are less obvious. As the cost of those products goes up, so does the operating cost of every farmer in the Stateline. Those who raise crops or cattle to put food on the table are now cutting corners.

Many farmers are not tilling the earth before planting, or just tilling narrow strips of fields. One less trip over the field means a whole lot of savings in fuel. Bargain shopping always has been and will be key for individual farmers, but new farming practices may serve as a eye opener to the entire farming community. No matter what the motivation, more economical farming practices will advantage farmer and consumer alike.