Worth Fighting For

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So far over 50 soldiers have died in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Tuesday, 23 News told you about a Roscoe soldier who died in an ambush near the city of Najaf. Twenty-year-old Brandon Jacob Rowe, just like all the other soldiers, was willing to lose his life for our country.

It's an inherent instinct to fight, bone that's a common trait among the 6,000 soldiers mobilized at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. Among the 65 units, the 333rd Military Police from Freeport.

Far from their own home themselves, hearing about this local casualty of 101st Airborn U.S. Army Specialist Brandon Rowe put this war in a new light.

David Reifsteck from Lanark says he was shocked but it was something he expected to happen in a war. He says his thoughts go out to the family.

Robin Weaver said she was not really surprised saying, "it was bound to happen so close to home."

The 333rd MP's supplies have already been sent out on a train. It's expected to be heading somewhere in the Persian Gulf within the next three weeks.